Sheriff Christopher’s Posse!


  This is used to be sheriff Richard Mack, the same Richard Mack who Jeff Christopher has flown in to stand up for him. WOW!

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  1. Rick says:

    It was a naive strategy. After all, federal agents didn’t hesitate to shoot Randy Weaver’s wife in the head, as she stood in a doorway holding her infant. And they didn’t hesitate to shoot his 14-year-old son in the back.

    And in Waco, the feds didn’t hesitate to incinerate scores of women and children in the Branch Davidian compound.

    The left-wing media is hysterical over the killing of a black man by police in suburban St. Louis- yet they were sympathetic to the government in the Weaver and Waco cases. Why? Because the media is a purely political entity, and will not in any way protect those who are perceived to be a threat to the New World Order.

    Our state police have become para-military entities- don’t be surprised when they’re used as para-military entities.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, his idea seemed to be to shame the Feds when they shot women. I just have a problem with a man who would even consider such a strategy.
    By the way, her is the audio of Mack on The Dan Gaffney Show, and yes I called in and yes I lost my cool at the end. I forgot you can’t argue with stupid. This guy is doing nothing but selling books. He is an outsider a carpet bagger, and a carny. He talks about the 10th Amendment and state’s rights, and then talks about how other states handle their sheriffs and implies that Delaware should follow suit. Hypocrite!

  3. no vote 4 christopher says:

    The BLM and other agencies showed great restraint considering there were members of militia aiming weapons at them. Sheriff Mack is a board of director for Oath Keepers. The founder of Oath Keepers was handing out out ammunition, AR 15 magazines, along with night vision goggles to members of the organization, and others who were acting as an UNCONSTITUTIONAL ARMED MILITIA. Mike Rowe is heard towards the end of the audio is also a member of Oath Keepers. He’s the campaign manager for the Sheriff’s re-election. Mack, Christopher and Rowe, have all taken an Oath to uphold the Constitution, according to the organization they belong to, yet they apparently have no issue with an UNCONSTITUTIONAL ARMED MILITIA being assembled against fellow law enforcement.

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    No vote, Mr. Christopher has also been endorsed by Larry Pratt the head of Gun Owners of America, but also is someone that has been linked to white supremacist groups and was formerly a contributing editor to an anti-Semitic periodical. And has given money to attorney groups that defend white supremacist.

  5. no vote 4 christopher says:

    I listened to the audio again I heard the school board member who fails to understand she represents the wishes of the majority of the parents in her district not a select few RWNJ’s. What we seem to have here is a F A I L U R E to CO MUNNICATE !!
    There’s a school board member acting as prosecutor, judge and jury setting the school district up for a lawsuit teamed up with a Sheriff whose already cost the taxpayers god only knows how much in legal fees.

  6. Dan says:

    Frank interesting I did not know that. The posse Sussex County Sheriffs Supporters have the acronym SC SS is that a coincidence that they use the same SS as Schutz-Staffel. How can there be a debate when no other candidates showed up. There’s nothing to debate the supreme court issued their ruling. Lee already said all he needs to say he wants to return the office of County Sheriff as intended under the state constitution officers of the court. Beau Gooch has repeatedly stated he will debate the winner of the republican primary. That’s not good enough for the SCSS they just put their usual spin on it. If last nights turn out is any representation of how voting will go the current sheriff doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell. The majority in attendance were the SCSS the same people who took the IOTC classes that were hawked by the sheriff earlier this year.

  7. Steel Remington says:

    Steel Remington

    Took a break just to see what was crawling out from under it’s rock over here in the cess pool of political minions. Same ole, same ole! Nothing new!

    This comment has been edited because of cross threading. (Posting the same comment on multiple threads and off topic.) Frank Knotts

  8. saltyindependent says:

    did the school board member chose to go to the “debate” last night, rather than do the job she was elected/ran unopposed to do?

  9. Steel Remington says:

    Well, while I am taking a lunch break from Med school classes, decided to just see if the mininions are at their usual undermining of the GOP and bam just as I suspected, no solutions, just griping.

    Solution – name the date, place and time to have a debate before the primary so it accomdates your fake schedule. People don’t hold your breath BC Sheriff’s opposition will not attend anyway.

  10. saltyindependent says:

    from a political strategy perspective, not showing up at the debate was the only play. simply because the only people who noticed were christopher supporters. they were also the only ones who showed up at the debate. nobody else is paying attention to this. showing up at this thing would have sent the message that the other two were part of the circus. the bottom line is the guy has no power end his appeals in court are over. he is don quixote.

  11. Steel Remington says:

    Well, instead of whining and making excuses on the whats, wheres and who showed up, which was the voting public, get a time, place and date set up for both of them (Jeff Christopher and Robert Lee) to speak to the VOTING PUBLIC instead of a making up a last minute excuse slip fundraiser of 30 republican people at a residence. I am sure a lot of money was raised there!

  12. Dan says:

    You miss the point there were 30 Sussex County republicans in attendance. The recent dog and pony snake oil side show didn’t garner that many sussex county voters

  13. Steel Remington says:

    No point to mistaken, Sussex County Republicans who are either EDC, RD, in office, running for office, spouse or significant there of, family member of those above and elected official.

    Fantastic turnout of Sussex County voters to contribute to Robert Lee’s campaign. How much money did he get? Let me guess all about a couple hundred at the end of the day after expenses.

    Just great did you advertise it in the newspapers or on the radio? Did you even mention it on this cell pool blog site, DAN – Assistance Minion or Newspaper Minion!

  14. Dan says:

    This isn’t about how many attended the meeting discussed in another topic. This is about the SS since your grand poo ban can’t legally assemble a posse. There weren’t any new faces to be seen at the debacle oops sorry debate. Nope just the usual faces of the poo bahs SS. What a great job by the grand poo bahs campaign manager.. One of the other of the poo bahs SS spent $2,500..00 for the gala event on Friday night . The grand poo bah his self showed up along with 9 other poo bahs SS attended. See that’s what it takes a free ride meal to git em to attend dressed all fancy like. I wonder how much money the grand poo bahs SS will raise today at the 40th RD’s I talian dinner event. What a grand reelection event 87 were invited with 10 confirmed 5 maybes. My goodness gracious even the pod people do better n that.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    Rermmy, as I said, the people at the fundraiser are also voters. What bothers you is that the 9/12 TEA types didn’t get a chance to cut up someone they will not vote for anyway. The people who would go to a 9/12 TEA already have made up their minds, and wouldn’t donate to Mr. Lee anyway, so where was his time better spent?

  16. Mike Rowe says:


    Your numbers are a bit off on our event today. We had close to 100 people attend todays event. Several new faces came out and asked to help with the campaign.

  17. Dan says:

    We’re talking about Sussex County voters not ones from Kent and New Castle. As I said the majority like yourself who were there are the grand poobahs SS.

  18. Dan says:

    There was an informal unannounced event held last month that had over 150+ people in attendance. The event was free, the food was free, beverages were free. The Democratic candidate for Sheriff was there along with other candidates from both parties running for reelection and first time hopefuls.

  19. Steel Remington says:

    You and your minions keep on leaning left and join the ranks as a TAX BAGGER.

    Ha, their numbers will always be off bc they had 29 children show up! What difference does it make at a fundraiser whether the people are from Sussex or somewhere else. ITS A FUNDRAISER!! Its about the MONEY!!!!!! Not a DEBATE!!!! Its about the VOTERS!!!!
    Know the difference.

    Don’t know nothing about Poo Bahs, but you and your minions are bunch of bull and full of Pooty Poo!

  20. Dan says:

    “It’s about the VOTERS”
    Your right IT IS about the VOTERS, SUSSEX COUNTY VOTERS, not NCCo or KentCo or out of state voters. Know the difference.

    “It’s about the MONEY !!!!!!!”
    NO it’s about who the voters of Sussex County want for their Sheriff !!!

    Thanks for informing all of us a constitutional election means nothing to you or the grand poobahs other SS. It’s about who can buy the position.

  21. Laffter says:

    I wouldn’t waste my breath (or anything else ) on her Dan- Christopher is TOAST

    ALL he (and nut job Remmy ) provide is fun and a target for finger pointing and laughing – kinda like the …….. Circus clowns …….

    It’s early on and they can’t even get their base out to support them- the Rs in general don’t even like their photos taken with them or to be at the same event
    frank is right- why waste time at a pre-packed event where they only folks there won’t vote for you?

    They are not even relevant – I doent bother engaging them anymore as to do so gives them the illusion of importance in their sad twisted little brains

    Wonder where Jeff will go when he loses? This is a ‘ god-forsaken place ‘ after all

  22. Dan says:

    Christopher’s wife took a teaching position over in Caroline County maybe they’ll head back there. Remmy will be heading to Sarasota when she loses. I haven’t seen to many of the grand poobahs signs in peoples yards but they sure are littering rt 113 there’s 1 about every quarter mile. There were probably 200 lining the driveway at the 40th RD’s house yesterday. You’re right about the R’s and photos, same with real retired Troopers. They all say the same thing you do 20 to earn the honor of labeling oneself as a “retired” Trooper. As far as base support rumor is the problem stems from problems people have with his campaign manager, and who he associates with..

  23. Frank Knotts says:

    Steele Remmington said, “What difference does it make at a fundraiser whether the people are from Sussex or somewhere else. ITS A FUNDRAISER!! Its about the MONEY!!!!!! Not a DEBATE!!!! Its about the VOTERS!!!!”
    Well Remmy thank you for being honest. You admitted that the 9/12 TEA was nothing but a fundraiser for Christopher, and not a non-partisan event as the 9/12 TEA wanted everyone to believe, once again Remmy makes my point.
    I would also caution you of the over use of videos here. If you can’t make you point in words, then obviously you are illiterate.

  24. Steel Remington says:

    Remmy, I have warned you on other threads, and I will warn you here, if you continue to make false accusations and threaten my family’s well being I will be forced to block you from commenting. You are welcome to debate the issues and even attack my intelligence, but do not attack my family’s well being. Frank Knotts

  25. Mike Rowe says:


    Wrong again. There were six people at yesterday’s event who were not from Sussex. As far as signs, there are signs in peoples’s yards, as well as local businesses who support the re-election of Sheriff Christopher. We were even able to place signs in the yards of Mr. Lee’s neighbors. I stand by my statement that there were nearly one hundred supporters at yesterday’s event, many were people I’ve never even met before. I’d also like to address your assertion that people have problems with me. Please be specific if you’re going to make libelous statements. I respect the opinnions of Frank, Steve, and everyone else involved in this bog, because, aside from this race I think we agree with each other on many other races, and issues. Right.

  26. Dave says:

    When Christopher filed the lawsuit, he vowed to “leave this God forsaken place” if he lost. Yet, here is running again. Vows seem to have little meaning. I would have respected him more if he actually left here after losing the lawsuit. Now, he is just another leech sucking my tax dollars by filing lawsuits which the county and the state have to defend, because of his conviction that everyone else is wrong and he is right. Additionally, lest anyone forget the incidents which precipitated all this exposed the county (and taxpayers) to costly lawsuits all because he want to play cop. Even if I were convinced that we needed a sheriff with law enforcement authority, I continue to be convinced that Christopher is not that person. His obsession with perceived tyranny, including his support of the cheater Bundy (who despite the Nevada constitution, believed that he doesn’t owe payments to federal government, rather to the state), demonstrates that he does not believe in the rule of law unless it is his law. Can there be any better poster child for who we would not want in office?

  27. Mike Rowe says:

    I’d also like to make a comment, that as much as Frank and I disagree on the issue, he and has always been honest with me. When Frank comments he always uses his real name, and I do not believe him to be the one who was taking pictures of Vince’s house yesterday. Let’s agree to disagree. I’m done commenting on this and any other post regarding Sheriff Christopher. We’ve got an election to win!

  28. Dan says:

    Delaware is not the only state where Sheriffs do not have arrest powers. That statement has and is misleading to say the least. Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode island, Pennsylvania county sheriffs do not have common law arrest powers. There are also other counties within states like Davidson County in Tennessee where the the County Sheriff has no arrest powers. Two states Connecticut and Alaska do not have county sheriffs at all.
    The Sussex County Sheriff Supporters are the posse, they are being set up under the guidelines of the Oath Keepers CPT guidelines. The guidelines follow the 12 member special forces A teams. They are receiving training in firearms, ham radio operation etc, make no mistake they are armed militia, just as we saw out at the Bundy ranch. Anyone who wants to see what this is all about look up Appleseed Project.

  29. Laffter says:

    SIGNS DONT VOTE! rule one in campaigns…… You can have a thousand signs – and not get 2 votes

    No wonder the campaign is falling apart…… Yes. We know they are an armed militia – can’t practice that crap without being watched from the inside ….. Lol

  30. mouse says:

    I don’t get the right wing sheriff fetish? Can someone enlighten me. I thought right wingers wanted less government power?

  31. Frank Knotts says:

    Mouse, I have pointed this out many times, there is such a thing as “BIG” government “conservatives”. They believe government run by them is good government. Not my cup of tea. Pardon the pun.

  32. mouse says:

    Oh. Sorry I missed those. Just got here recently. I’m not really sure what Big Government means? My Libertarian friends seem to want no federal regulations or oversite. I often wonder what happens in a libertarian world when a small factory town where workers are poor and uneducated have their drinking water wells contaminated by the factory they work at and no EPA to take action. How do uneducated poor people take on a powerful corporate entity? I have more fears of corporate power than government power. Given that, I want effective efficient government that is responsive to people and not just the 1%. Trade deals have allowed corporate entities to take jobs to China for immoral child and slave labor which is illegal here. No one seems to care about these things? Both parties just gutted Dodd Frank regs that keep Wall Street banks from doing the exact same things they did to crash the economy in 2008.

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