The Sussex County GOP…Something’s Up and We’re Reporting It Here-The 7/28/15 Edition/Some good ole gossip and rumors about the Delmarva region

The Sussex county council meeting on 7/28/15 could not have been more boring. But I have some thoughts and to fill space, a new feature of gossip and rumors about Delawareans. Read on, you’ll love it.

Grant Requests

1. Nanticoke River Arts Council for operating costs
2. The Seaford Historical Society for new exhibit costs
3. Autism Delaware for the Blue Jean Ball Fundraiser
4. Town of Bethany Beach for a handicap beach wheel chair
5. Oak Orchard – Riverdale American Legion Post 28 for the Rugby team
6. Everlasting Hope Ministries for Anti-Drug Rally & March

Money for the rugby team? A handicap beach wheel chair….how does that work?

Once again Sussex county councilmen are giving away taxpayer money and I have conflicted emotions about the practice. It seems that those that ask get it.

Sure there are restrictions but some of these grants seem questionable to me.

County’s new web site

A demonstration was given of the new county web site, featuring the ability to view all zoning requests with the click of a single button.

But before that I note that the Sussex county web site also upgraded their live viewing set up and I must say it’s very nice. For one thing it allows the viewer to view the council members on one screen and see any speakers on another screen. When presentations are made using the computer screen the viewer can also see that as well.


As a Sussex county citizen I am very please with this new set up.

As for the new method of researching zoning change requests….it is very, very nice. With a click I am able to see ALL zoning requests, either conditional, permanent or other, in various areas. There’s an ability to zoom in or out for further detail.

County administrator Todd Lawson provided an over-view of the new system but yon ladies and gems I did try it for myself and attest at how nice it works.

Some Gossip and Rumors

Maybe my ears were hearing things but I heard a commercial for Millman appliances. Various other business owners were recommending Millman’s product. Strange, I suppose, but perfectly legal for Joe Blow’s Plumbing to suggest we get our refrigerators from Millman’s.

Right in the middle of the various recommendations I heard with my own lying ears, STEVE SMYK, Elected Representative of District 20 (MINE!) also suggesting yon listeners purchasing appliances from Millman’s.

Hmmmmmm. An elected guy advertising for a merchandiser….I am just not sure of the legalities of this but it doesn’t seem proper. Would Steve Smyk also advertise mine own prolific Blogging ability that those in need will buy my product?

Heard it on WGMD during the Rush Limbaugh show.

Maybe I’ll give Steve a call about this.

Greg Lavelle, he who MSNBC called the Delaware GOP’s next “Rising Star” is alleging that he will introduce a bill during the next term that will ban spending money from the Delaware Transportation fund.

Well it’s about time some Republican did this. The transportation fund is a joke, I know this. And Republicans are few in the Delaware legislature, I get this.

But come on guys…make those Democrats go on record for wrecking this state’s economy!

As for Greg Lavelle…..I shall never forget his betrayal over a year ago during that last minute Common Core vote. And if MSNBC communist says you are a rising star, that’s not a compliment in my book.
I am not yet going to take down the below but I am told that this is not the same Walter Palmer that killed the lion. I checked if Palmer was indeed affiliated with WGMD and he was. Bill Colley, on Facebook and a former employee of Palmer, posted a Facebook post saying it was the same guy. I will check it out.

Well it was a nice piece of gossip but I don’t think it’s the same guy. The jerk that killed the lion is a dentist from Minnesota.

I could erase it but I shall leave for giggles and grins.

delon7.29.15walterpalmerOMG…..did you know that crude American who killed the beloved lion in Africa is the former Director of Broadcast Operations, Engineering and Programming at Resort Broadcasting Co LLC, Walter Palmer -also known as WGMD!

What a crap turd thing to do! Guy paid the people in charge-read BRIBE-and struck the lion with a bow and arrow but didn’t kill. He then searched it down and shot it dead.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
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NEXT : Got some interviews lined up….some tidbits. Send me all your gossip and rumors.

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  1. Fish Bites says:

    “A handicap beach wheel chair….how does that work?”

    Why not just go to Google, type in “beach wheel chair”, and find out, Pat? Is it that hard for you to do something about your ignorance?

  2. Real R says:

    The pic of the lion-killer is W. Palmer, DDS, a dentist from the midwest. Walt Palmer, the broadcasting manager at WGMD, is not the same person.

  3. Fish Bites says:

    Are you accusing Pat of lyin’?

    She wouldn’t say it was him unless she had a good reason.

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