Who Is The Biggest Cry Baby In Sussex County? Not Don Ayotte

Bill Colley   If you were to read a transcript of the following recoding, you would declare it was some fifth grader who had lost the class elections.   However, it is the former WGMD on air personality who was fired, Bill Colley. And he is actually crying about the fact that his chosen candidate was shorted twenty votes in a non-binding straw poll that was nothing but a cover for a fundraiser. To listen to him go on about how lax the entire voting procedure was, you might think we were electing the president of the United States, instead of a meaningless straw poll.

Bill Colley has once again hitched his wagon to a candidate that is in serious jeopardy of losing, that would be Vance Phillips. Click on the link at the bottom here and then listen to the podcast from WGMD where Colley calls in to the Jake and Mike show to cry that Phillips was robbed of twenty votes, not that the twenty votes would have won the straw poll mind you.

Colley also admits that he is going to receive a percentage of any money he raises for Phillips, so his support is bought and paid for.

I can’t understand why he was fired, he seems like such an upstanding person.  Listen and laugh, and for just a little while, the biggest cry baby in Sussex County is Not Don Ayotte.


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  1. Honi Soit says:

    In his Aug 26 posting at DR, David Anderson characterizes Colley’s endorsement of Phillips as “powerful.” On April 16, Anderson withdrew his own support of Phillips, saying:

    “I believe in loyalty and I believe in friendship so this is a painful declaration. A true friend to me has lost my confidence. It is quite painful, but I can no longer support the 5th district Sussex County Councilman in his reelection bid. This gentleman has been more than a political supporter, but a personal friend and professional advocate. We have been in the trenches together for 2 decades. I have looked up to him and I feel it is mutual.

    I am really sadden [sic] by this conclusion, but reading a certain civil complaint by a credible person has shaken my image of this friend and my confidence in his ability to lead until that cloud is resolved.”


  2. For Instance says:

    Mr. Ayotte sends his sincere appreciation for the free advertisement and wonders what has happened to the promise of the “Not Don Ayotte” billboards that were promised. They would add to his name recognition and he certainly wants people to make good on their promises. Yard signs just won’t do it.
    Also Frank, could you send a total donation of $1200.00 from you and your wife to ensure his election.
    (Edited Frank Knotts)

  3. fightingbluehen says:

    “Bill Colley has once again hitched his wagon to a candidate that is in serious jeopardy of losing,”

    I don’t blame Colley for this. The bills need to be paid, but I do hope he is hitched to a losing candidate.

    Although I continue to enjoy low taxes, thanks in part to people like Vance Phillips. I believe we need new blood in the county council. I wish we could maintain a county council with mostly conservative Republicans like Vance Phillips ,but it seems like this county council has dropped the ball on realizing the need for supportive infrastructure, and the county council is seemingly oblivious to the oncoming logistical nightmare that we will face in the next few years.

    I believe the traffic jams that we experienced this summer are just the small gusts of wind before the real storm hits in the next few years. You only need to look at the rapid increase in subdivisions and planned developments to realize this.

    Why won’t the Sussex County Council look into doing something about infrastructure before signing off on this new wave of rapid development?…. I’ll tell you why…. It’s just human nature…… If someone isn’t held personally accountable for a misdeed then chances are that they will continue with business as usual.

    Who are you going to blame when you are marred by traffic in the next few years? Who are you going to blame when you are on the Love Creek bridge on Rt. 24 and traffic is backed up all the way from Rt 1.

    I’ll tell you who you can blame……nobody…. that’s who.

    You can’t assign blame to anyone of these characters. If no one will take responsibility for it then you can’t blame them. If not one person puts their name to it then no one is accountable…right?

    The only person who has shown that they have the cojones to be held accountable, is Joan Deaver .

    The rest of them are just a bunch of pansies.

    Come on Sussex County Council. Convey to us that you understand what is happening ,and that you are going to do nothing about it anyway. Sign on to it personally so we have someone to curse while we sit in traffic.

    I would advise that all opponents of these people in upcoming elections hold up a sheet of paper and demand that the incumbent show some integrity by personally signing off on the non-action that they have taken.

  4. Rick says:

    Who are you going to blame when you are on the Love Creek bridge on Rt. 24 and traffic is backed up all the way from Rt 1.

    Even if 24 were four lanes, you’d still have a back-up, because there is nowhere to go when you hit Plantations or Hwy 1. The problem is Rt. 1.

    We need a limited access, elevated highway over Rt. 1 from the Troop 7 Wawa to the Canal bridge.

    Or, build a highway from Georgetown to somewhere west of Oak Orchard, then build a bridge from the Oak Orchard area to Holt’s Landing to Rt. 1. between Deway and Bethany.

    But dosomething.

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    I’m not sure how much influence that the county council has when it comes to major projects like the ones we need to solve the traffic congestion problem, but they definitely could slow down the development process while someone figures it out.

  6. Mellonballer says:

    Much ado about nothing…

  7. meatball says:

    Traffic was as heavy as I have ever seen it on Rt 1 yesterday afternoon. It took exactly five minutes longer than usual to go from downtown Rehoboth to Harbeson.

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