Lacey Got A Gunn

laceylaffertyshotting  Just when we thought Republican politics in Delaware couldn’t get any stranger, they just did.    As if, having Donald taking a “Trump” on Republican politics right here in Harrington Delaware wasn’t enough, we also have gotten the news that La Mar Gunn has announced his intention to run as a Republican for the position of Delaware Lt. Governor.

Gunn  As you may remember, Mr. Gunn ran and lost in a contested vote count, for Kent County Recorder of Deeds in 2014, which ended up in front of a judge.

I have to say, the prospect of Lacey Lafferty actually being the Republican nominee for Governor is bizarre enough, but the prospect of her and Mr. Gunn running on the same ticket, for the number one and two positions in the state, is Twilight Zone material.

Now I know that in Delaware the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are separate tickets, but the perception of most voters, is that it is a shared ticket, and one candidate can definitely affect the race of the other candidate.

I have to say, in my opinion, many of Lacey Lafferty’s  supporters will have a problem with La Mar Gunn. It’s not often the head of the NAACP, is also a Republican candidate for anything.

And somehow, I can’t see a lot of Mr. Gunn’s supporters being thrilled with voting for such a  far right TEA type as Lafferty.

So, if the gods were to lose their minds, and Lacey Lafferty were actually able to win the GOP nomination, and if La Mar Gunn remains the only Republican running for Lt. Governor, the Delaware GOP would lose any, if any ever existed, hope of winning the governorship.

The idea is usually to have the top two, if not be aligned on issues, to at least complement their differences in order to draw out more voters for each other. But if this were to be the combination, the two candidates are so far apart on issues, most voters would be hard pressed to vote for both with a clear conscience.

So, this is just the latest chapter in this years Republican political story. And if it were a book or a movie, it would be either science-fiction, or a horror story. From Trump, to Lafferty, to a possible brokered convention, the blood, gore and guts of a party gone mad seems to never end.



6 Comments on "Lacey Got A Gunn"

  1. Meyer says:

    This is like an episode of the Walking Dead, except it’s even scarier. Dead-brain candidates for office.

  2. Mike Rowe says:

    Neither Bonini nor Lafferty have any business being Governor. I would ask voters to check out Libertarian Sean Goward, and consider voting for him. The guy’s smart and has a grasp on what needs to be done to turn the state around. I’ll be voting for Sean Goward and La Mar Gunn.

  3. CJ Hiler says:

    SNL couldn’t come up with a better skit. A pistol packin closet racist dressed all in white, and a black candidate named Gunn, running for guberner n’ lt gubner

  4. mouse says:

    Causes me to wonder what it takes for a political party to be a bit introspective and realize that outside of the echo chamber that all of their candidates look like comedy show characters and none will ever be elected to office

  5. Fish Bites says:

    The slogan should be “We put the ‘Goober’ in Gubernatorial”

  6. Henry says:

    You people are nothing but a bunch of lynch hanging racists.

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