What In The Hell Are We Doing?

question What in the hell are we doing? This is a question which seems to be continuously running through my mind lately. Continue reading →

I’m In A Doc Holiday State Of Mind

Doc Val  You know? The good, Val Kilmer, Doc Holiday, not the lesser Quaid, Holiday. Continue reading →

More Wind From Dover

waste to energy   Delaware Governor, John Carney, is once again attempting to lead Delaware down the lane, chasing the pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow. Continue reading →

Just Shut The Hell Up

Browns praying   So, the NFL is now in its pre-season, and this is the latest image to outrage people. Continue reading →

Both Sides

flame thrower  The phrase, “both sides” has gotten a lot of attention lately, and believe me, the last thing I want to do is defend President Trump. Continue reading →

Sussex County Council Stepped In It Again

dog poop  Sussex County Council seems to have a history of losing court cases. Continue reading →