What Might Have Been

I am sure some will discount what Governor Kasich has to say, simply because of the forum in which he is speaking. Continue reading →

The Duke Of Dogmatism

Dukes Brooks   My last post was about the recent Delaware state Republican convention, and the fact the GOP managed to elect a young woman, Emily Taylor, to the  high leadership position of Vice-Chair. I titled it “The Future”. Continue reading →

Who would you invite to dinner?

Roger Stone“Elitist c*nt”, “Die Bitch”, “self-important, nasty c*nt”, “Rachel the muff-diver”, or so-and-so has a “nice set of cans”.
Heard enough? Continue reading →

The Future

GOP  Today was an important day for Republicans, both around the nation and here in Delaware. Continue reading →

A Case For The Death Penalty

death table  There has been a lot of media coverage concerning the death penalty in the past couple of weeks due to the state of Arkansas rushing to execute eight death row inmates before one of the drugs used in the procedure expires. Continue reading →

How Cursive Can’t Save Education

This is the year of shared sacrifice. The state is facing budget deficits that will impact many agencies and departments including education. But somehow, although legislators know that the train barreling down the track is on a collision course

once upon a time

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