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“…bringing in more than a million migrants from alien cultures has “changed the fabric of Europe” permanently – and “not in a positive way”.

I am fighting for a net-zero immigration moratorium for America, because we have to put Americans, our values, and our families, first.

U.S. President Donald Trump has warned that Europe is “losing its culture” because of immigration, arguing that bringing in more than a million migrants from alien cultures has “changed the fabric of Europe” permanently – and “not in a positive way”.

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Nelly Jordan Must Resign

nelly rob   Please excuse me if this post is long, or if I seem to be rambling, it has been quite sometime since I have written in long form post. I have spent most of my time as of late poking a finger in the eyes of Trump supporters, and have written little of any substance. I hope this post will be different.

Back on December 10th, 2019, I came across a Facebook post by one Nelly Jordan, who it just so happens, is also the Sussex County Vice Chair, of the Sussex County GOP. The following screen shots are of that post. I am not sure if her post is still up at the time of this posting, as I have been unfriended.

Nelly jewnelly jew 2

The topic of her post is of little consequence, it is nothing more than partisan rhetoric, meant to endear herself to her closed circle of friends. It certainly is not intended to bring more people to the Sussex County GOP, or the Delaware GOP, or even the national GOP. And after all? Isn’t the number one job of any party official, to grow the party? To bring more people into the party, in order to win elections, so as, to be able to actually govern?

This post is beyond comprehension. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone, let alone a person with the responsibility to be the face and voice of the GOP, would make such stupid and hateful comments.

Why would Nelly Jordan single out people of the Jewish faith? She could have easily made a comment about how people who identify as faithful, are not living up to the principals of their given faith. But instead, she chose to single out the Jewish faith, and not only did she make the attack about people who may or may not identify as Jewish, but she showed such great vanity, as to place herself equal to God, and judge them lacking.

From her post, it is clear, Ms. Jordan, has some kind of issue with people of the Jewish faith. Why else single them out?

Some would say she is a symptom of the decay within the GOP, brought about by the election of Donald Trump. That his election, and his often hateful rhetoric, has given freedom to others like Nelly Jordan, to speak this hateful rhetoric also. I say it is the other way around, I say it was people like Nelly Jordan who, have obviously held this hate in their hearts all along, who gave rise to a President such as Trump. Often the rot begins at the roots of the tree.
Nelly Jordan has held the highest position in the Delaware GOP, yes she was once the Chair of the Delaware GOP. It disgust me to know that a person of such low character could be the head of my chosen party. Are her words of hate, the official position of the Sussex GOP? The Delaware GOP?
Well let’s see what the current Chair of the Delaware GOP, Jane Brady, had to say about this.
Message from Jane Brady: Neither I nor the Republican Party which I represent condone anti-Semitism in any form or any place. Our Party includes members of all faiths and religious beliefs. Many members of our party are Jewish. They support our party principles and our candidates as well as our basic principle of tolerance and justice for all–the history of our Party since Abraham”

Holy shit! What kind of bullshit was that? One of her county vice-chairs puts out some anti-Semitic screed, and the best she can do is the equivalence of, “some of my best friends are Jewish”? And if we as a party have to go as far back as Lincoln to find relevance, what does that say?

There have been calls from GOP elected officials for Nelly Jordan to apologize and to resign immediately. We applaud all that have, and any who will. However, it cannot end there. There are comments being made that New Castel County Chair of the Delaware GOP, Chris Rowe, has also used inflammatory language when talking about Gay people. As I have not seen this, or heard this for myself, so I will comment no further than to say, my personal interaction with Chris Rowe does nothing to make me believe he is incapable on using hateful rhetoric as well.
The Republican Party, Delaware in particular, and the entire GOP in general, are at a turning point. Will we be a party which can, and will, lead this nation into the future? Or will we be the party of Nelly Jordan, Chris Rowe, Jane Brady, and yes Trump, who wish only to lead this nation into a past, but not just the past, but to some of the worst parts of our past, where racism, bigotry, sexism, were not only socially acceptable, but were enshrined in the very letter of our laws.

This is not about Republican or Democrat, it is not about political ideology, it is not about economic success, or failure. This is about humanity. It is up to the constituency of the GOP to make this right. It is up to the individual registered Republicans, to apply pressure on the GOP leadership to remove the cancer of hate within this party. The Nelly Jordans, the Chris Rowes, and if she refuses to show a stronger condemnation of the words and actions, then Jane Brady must also be cut out for the sake of the GOP in Delaware. Full disclosure, I was a Delegate at the last Delaware Republican Convention and voted for Jane Brady as Chair. Mistakes are made, and can be corrected. It is time Jane Brady correct this mistake, or the people will correct the one of electing her Chair.  Call Jane Brady today (302-542-1268) and demand she act without delay to remove Nelly Jordan from any position within the GOP. Also call your Republican, elected officials and do the same.

This is an update. Thank you to our guest for sending this to us. This is Chris Rowe’s comment using the word “faggot”, and he wasn’t asking a Brit for a ciggerette.



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