It’s That Time Of Year Again

Legislation Hall It’s the time of year, when in Dover, our Legislators find themselves scrambling to complete another yearly budget. Continue reading →


   There are many steps taken in a person’s life, some we take alone, and others we walk together, with those we love. Continue reading →

President Trump’s Latest Soup Sandwich

soup sandwich  It seems like everyday, we are “TWEETED” to a new controversy concerning the Trump administration. Continue reading →

Long Neck Crime Meeting

crowd  Monday night, I and three-hundred or so other people attended another meeting to discuss the “growing” crime problem in the areas of Long Neck, Angola and Oak Orchard. Continue reading →

The Cost Of Being Wrong

    donald trump clown   I have received a lot of push back and criticism, some of which borders on real anger, with name calling, and attacks on my intelligence, and not only my loyalty to the GOP, but the very nation, all because I have serious concerns about our current President.  
Well let me remind all of those people of one fact. If I am wrong about the real danger President Trump poses to the American people, to our Liberties, and to our securities, if I am wrong, well then I am just a grumpy old crank. I have been wrong in the past, I was wrong about the ability of the American people to look the other way and to elect this man.
But for all of those people, who not only voted for Donald Trump, for that is their right, but who continue to apologize, and look the other way, who refuse to hold him accountable for his actions, which is their duty as citizens. If you are wrong, then you are culpable as accomplices in his actions.
  Our responsibilities as citizens do not end when we pull back the curtain, and walk out of that voting booth, they only begin, if we abdicate those responsibilities, then we have chosen to take part in whatever corruption, or deceit our elected officials choose to perpetrate.
  I can accept if I am wrong, can you?

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Long Neck Strong ?

long neck strong  The following is a guest post from our former contributor Paulette Rappa. Continue reading →