Bob Mitchell Wants The State Of Delaware To Have $75 Million Surplus

bob and me  Let me apologize to my readers, I know this is the second Bob Mitchell post in a week, after all, how much Mitchell can we stand. Continue reading →

Wednesday Open Thread

Delaware Right   So once again, I invite our guest to help drive the conversation. I will offer one topic to get the ball rolling. Continue reading →

Dodge Bob

bob and me   So, Bob Mitchell was out of touch recently, more so than usual, and when he returned, he had what I am sure he thought, was a new and better way to attack Representative Dave Wilson. Continue reading →

Took The Bait Again

gop1  It seems as though the Republican voters, and so called conservatives, just can’t refuse to chomp down hard on any piece of progressive rotted meat, the left decides to bait the hook with. Continue reading →

Sorry Sam

drdeltidbits10.20.15samwilsonstroke  There had been a lot of people wondering if Sussex County Councilman, Sam Wilson, would be seeking a third term or not. Continue reading →

Another Important Bill From Our Republican Legislators

Ramone  Representative Mike Ramone, has taken on one of the most serious issues facing Delawareans today. Continue reading →