What Is A Candidate?

Pat Paulson   I’m not sure why, but I have been hearing a lot of people ask the same question this election cycle, “are they an official candidate?” Continue reading →

Delaware Presidential Primary Day. VOTE!

elephant and donkey   It’s Presidential Primary Day in Delaware, don’t forget to vote. Continue reading →

A Country Dinner With The Candidates

GOP  I spent Saturday evening in Hartly, Delaware having dinner with GOP candidates. Continue reading →

Bob Wants To Be A Big Boy

bob excited  Bob Mitchell wants you to vote for him in the upcoming Republican primary, for the 35th Representative District . Continue reading →

Lacey Got A Gunn

laceylaffertyshotting  Just when we thought Republican politics in Delaware couldn’t get any stranger, they just did. Continue reading →

Open Thread & Possible Clerk Of The Peace Candidate

Delaware Right - Moving Delaware Forward   A local Sussex County businessman is possibly the next Republican candidate to replace John Brady, as Sussex County Clerk of the Peace. Continue reading →