Register Of Wills Debate Today

vote    Current Sussex County Register of Wills, Cindy Green will debate her Democrat challenger, Greg Fuller on the Dan Gaffney Show this morning at 9 am, on Delaware 105.9. Don’t miss it!

Kent County Republicans

vote   The following is a video from the Kent County Republican candidates, it is a little long, you may want to take it in small doses. Consider this an open thread. Continue reading →

Jeff Christopher And Cindy Green On 105.9 This Morning

vote   Dan Gaffney will have  Sheriff Jeff Christopher at 7am. and Register of Wills at 8 am. this morning on 105.9, tune in and call in.

Worst Idea Ever!

question     This is a video from Delaware State Rep. Joe Miro, (R) Pikes Creek. In it he proposes the idea of bringing ballot initiative and referendum. This could be the worst idea ever. Continue reading →

Guest Post From Scott Dailey

vote Sussex County Councilwoman Joan Deaver must be worried. Why? Well, according to a political mailer that came to my house today, it seems that Claire Snyder-Hall is running for Sussex County Council. Continue reading →

WANTED! Chairman To Act

john Rieley   It has not been even a week since the monthly meeting of the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee meeting, the one that ended in a closed-door non-public executive session. Continue reading →