January Sussex GOP Meeting

kellyanne  The following is all of the important topics and issues discussed and acted upon,  at the January meeting of the Sussex GOP. Continue reading →

Let The Games Begin

Legislation Hall   So today marks the beginning of the 149th General Assembly.  Let us take a moment today to make some predictions and create a wish list for our legislators. Continue reading →

Politics vs Government

bob-mitchell-pic  So 2016 is finally behind us. A memorable year, to say the least. After dominating the headlines for months on end, the elections are finally over. And that begs the question, “Now what?”. Continue reading →

Let’s Do Delaware Right

delaware  “Let’s Do Delaware Right”. I like to think this is what the name of this blog now stands for. Yes we still want to move Delaware forward, and we can do that together, as Delawareans. Continue reading →

What Now?

fork-in-the-road  As many of my readers have probably noticed, my writing always gets a little slow this time of year. Continue reading →

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words?

me Over the years at Delaware Right, I have received both compliments, and criticism for my use of photos, and other visuals to communicate an idea, or message. Here are a few of my favorites. If you have any of your own, give me the title of the post they were used in and I will add them to this montage. Continue reading →