GOP 35th Representative District Chair Threatens To Arrest People

cartman So what is up with the Sussex GOP and its need to call the police on people, and threaten to call the police on people? Seems like a bunch of Eric  Cartmans have taken over and are running around shouting, “YOU MUST RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!” Continue reading →

How Not Don Ayotte, To Memorialize The Fallen

Ayotte  So on Friday I put up a post to honor the fallen service men and women throughout the history of the United States. Continue reading →

A Day To Remember

FFH2   This weekend is the “official” beginning of the beach summer season here in Delaware. Continue reading →

Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 5/21/15 Edition

The Radio Wars, WXDE and WGMD. John Carney proposes bill, who knew he was still around. Sussex Tech updates and telling the tourists how to act. Much more.
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Evening With Our Elected Officials

western sussex

Vince Calabro Has Resigned As Sussex County GOP Chairman

vince1  It has come to my attention that the Secretary of the Sussex GOP has sent out emails to the RDs of Sussex County announcing that she has received a letter of resignation from Vince Calabro. Continue reading →