Who Stole Poltical Signs This Election Cycle? Not Don Ayotte

Long    This is the news release from the Middletown Police Department in regards to the “alleged” theft of political signs belonging to the GOP. It’s not the fact that someone would steal signs, some people like NDA actually went on the radio and bragged about steeling signs two years ago. The shocking thing here is that the “alleged” thief caught on video is the husband of Democrat incumbent for the 10th Senatorial District, Bethany Hall-Long. See the video here, Continue reading →

Former Lewes Mayor, Jim Ford, Endorses Steve Smyk

smyk  During my tenure as former Mayor of Lewes, I had the pleasure of working with Representative Steve Smyk on various issues, both exclusively for our City, and in partnership with the State of Delaware. Representative Smyk has specifically been an advocate and financial supporter of the Lewes Library and Trail Head project as well as the Transportation Enhancement project that will improve safety and public access to the Lewes Little League complex, the Lightship Overfalls, and the Life Saving Station owned by the Lewes Historical Society. Continue reading →

My Apologies

sad face   I recently posted a photo of a van that belongs to Alma C. Roach parked in a handicapped space. I trusted a source that informed me that the handicapped plate that was on the van was for Ms. Roach’s child.

A comment was recently posted on the thread from Ms. roach,

Alma C. Roach says:

Thank you all for your kind words with regard to MY disabilities. I have a Handicapped Tag on my van, as pictured above a few weeks ago, issued by my physician due to health issues. I have had 2 surgeries on my left knee and 3 on my right knee. I have a pin in my left ankle. I am currently having issues with my left hip. I have also had 2 shoulder surgeries. Arthritis is a terrible health issue for me. I have battled with this all my life. I recall my mother placing steamed towels on my legs to help my knees to relieve some of the stiffness and discomfort. I truly wish I had a healthy body and didn’t have to worry about how I will feel at the end of my work day. I do not park at that spot ALL day; I park there, WHEN IT’S AVAILABLE, 8:00 to 12 Noon, four days a week. I have this TAG for MY health reasons. Again, I thank you for your concerns for myself and my daughter; I look forward to working for you and with you in the future!
Alma C. Roach”

According to the email address, and the web address attached to the comment, I am confident (yeah I know) that this comment was legitimate.

I will be removing that article, and would like to offer my sincere apologies to Ms. Roach. While I felt confident in my source, that has been called into question.

Again, let me say I am sorry for any misunderstanding this has caused.

What Does John Gallo Have To Hide?

John Gallo   Supporters of John Gallo, the Democrat challenger who is running against the Republican incumbent for the 30th representative District, Bobby Outten, might say John Gallo has nothing to hide. And they would be wrong. Continue reading →

Sam Chick 31st District

voteI highly recommend Sam Chick for 31st District state representative. Continue reading →

Delaware’s 41st Representative District Race

John Atkins    OR  Rich Collins   The voters of the 41st District have a tough decision to make. Continue reading →