Happy Birthday Bob Mitchell

mitchell  This past Thursday night, I, and another hundred or so people attended a candidate debate for the 35th Representative District Republican primary. But I decided to wait and  give my opinion until today, on Bob’s birthday. Don’t say I never gave you anything Bob. Continue reading →

Political Party Isolationism Must End, Let It End Here.

Brick wall  We are hearing a lot about building walls this campaign cycle. And if truth be known, there have been quite a few built within the minds of the voters as well. Continue reading →

Farmer Dan’s Daughter

Farmer Dan's Daughter   The following is a blog post from Christy Vanderwende Wright, from her Farmer Dan’s Daughter blog site. Considering the Vanderwende family is a long time and well respected farming family in the 35th Representative District, I believe what she has to say is extremely important for the voters to hear. Continue reading →

I Really Didn’t Care, But Now I Do

BHL   So, I hadn’t really been thinking that much about Bethany Hall-Long, or her campaign for Lt. Governor, since she is about as exciting as paint drying. That is, if you ignore the antics of her husband. Continue reading →

3rd District Race Just Got Interesting, For All The Wrong Reasons

oh face I have to be honest, the race for the 3rd District seat of Sussex County Council, was about as boring as one could get, until now. Continue reading →

Well Bob? What Now?

dodge bob   Well looky here, it seems as though the chickens have come home to roost. Continue reading →