The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Show Report on 5/3/15

TWO Baltimore mayors show up on the Sunday political talk shows and neither of them made any kind of argument justifying that city’s problems. One Sunday guest DID offer a shocking suggestion to deal with the restless inner cities and let us note that THIS is what the liberals want.

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Let me clear up some things The 5/2/15 edition

We got updates on a convention of the states, a common interest community and Rich Collins bares his soul. So why did he not cast a vote for Sussex Tech? The answer will move you.
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An interview with George Parish, the next Insurance Commissioner of Delaware.

Check out his boffo campaign slogan and his plans for his Insurance Commission office.

Everybody knows George Parish, right? He is a former Sussex county Clerk of the Peace, an avid participant in all things Republican, a loyal servant of the party. He’s also loud, boisterous and one always knows when he’s around.
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Clear The Path

victorian women  Is there a Republican war on women? Continue reading →

What’s going on in the Delaware legislature? Those guys love to make laws, let’s check up on what they’re up to. The 4/27/15 Edition

“National Crime Victims’ Week?”, Rich Collins doesn’t want to embarrass?, Laws trying to prevent Common Core? Lots of questions

Student Data Privacy Act

This is a little confusing as it seems to be a series of laws about to be proposed that would protect…well we must assume student data privacy.

Rumors run rampant that the abomination known as Common Core (which Jeb Bush loves just to note) allows for extensive compilation of student home data, including such as religion and whether there are guns in the home.
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Thank You To The Sussex County Republican Women’s Club

image  The SCRWC held an event last night at the CHEER Center in Georgetown, no sign in required. (Sorry ladies, couldn’t resist.) Continue reading →