When You’re Not Looking


What you are seeing here is just one example of what happens at the end of the General Assembly. Tomorrow night will be the last night, and today we find this. It looks like “SOME” state employees will be seeing raises this year. Is anyone surprised?

Let’s Take a Close Look at Those Republican Candidates for President in 2016

So I’ve been paying attention as one by one the would-be American Presidents step up to the podium to announce their plans. I’ve got fifteen contenders and so far don’t think I’ve missed any. I also included George Pataki from New York though he’s mealy-mouthed about his plans.

Let’s take a look at their politics, their state and the effect that might have, whether I think they have a chance and throw in some snark and speculation for the amusement of yon readers.
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Is There A Pot Of Gold At The End Of This Rainbow?

rainbow dollar sign   So of course the big national news this week, is the Supreme Court of the United States, has decided that same-sex marriage is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Continue reading →

Christmas For Bureaucrats

christmas tree  So, as another legislative session in Dover comes to a close, we are once again afforded a front row seat to how not to govern. Continue reading →

Guest Post From Shaun Rieley

Delaware Right - Moving Delaware ForwardIn a recent post,  Frank Knotts draws attention to an upcoming fundraiser that my father, John Rieley, is holding at his home.  The fundraiser will feature myself and my friend Christopher Bedford of the Daily Caller discussing what we do in Washington, DC, as well as the band Clifford Keith, which features my sister Erin and my brother-in-law Cliff.  Continue reading →

Does This Warrant Watching?

rieleyandcalabro   Earlier this year Republicans in Sussex County were treated to quite the show of how not to raise funds. Continue reading →