Are There More Like Him Out There?

Trooper Killer   Eight days ago a coward laid in wait and shot, and killed one unknowing Pennsylvania State Trooper, and seriously wounded another, sniper style. Continue reading →

We The People

GOP  On Tuesday night I attended a meeting held to discuss the possibility of Jeff Christopher, the unsuccessful GOP primary candidate, forming and running a write-in campaign. Continue reading →

Breaking News, No Official Announcement

Jeff_Christopher,_official_photo_0   So there goes three hours of my life I’ll never get back. Continue reading →

Who Could Vote For Jeff Christopher? Not Don Ayotte!

Ayotte   My long time readers know that I have taken great joy in poking fun at perennial candidate for anything Don Ayotte. Continue reading →

2014 Delaware GOP State Convention

vote  The following is my eyewitness report of the 2014 Delaware GOP State Convention. Continue reading →

Call Jeff Christopher And Tell Him No To Write-In

Jeff_Christopher,_official_photo_0   By now all have heard that soon to be former sheriff Jeff Christopher is considering a write-in campaign following his defeat, I am sorry following his several defeats on the issue of what a sheriff in Delaware is. Continue reading →