Guest Post: Evan Queitsch


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IPOD Convention

idiots    The IPODs will be holding their convention tomorrow, July 26th, 2014. Continue reading →

Location, Location, Location!

cindy green bodie Can anyone tell us where this Cindy Green sign is located? Certain people should not play, you know who you are. First one to get it right, wins a Delaware Right coffee mug, you can pick it up at the Delaware Right booth, at the Delaware State Fair in the Exhibit Hall. You will need to identify yourself by the email address used to log in under the winning name. I hope this wasn’t to easy.

Cape Banning Books Again?

cape high school  The following video was sent to Delaware Right by a concerned parent in the Cape Henlopen School District. It is a partisan production and does not necessarily represent the views of Delaware Right or its contributors. It is posted in the hopes of spurring conversation. The video was created by Rob Spicer. Continue reading →

Colley Goes Out With A Whimper


collie   The once leader of the Hate Radio line-up, has in his own words, been fired. Continue reading →

Who Knew What Was Happening In The Bodenweiser Case? Not Don Ayotte!



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