9/12 Patriots Warn, “Be Prepared”

canned beans  The following is a press release from the 9/12 Delaware Patriots warning their members to be prepared for the coming apocalypse. Continue reading →

Guest Post

vote    This is a guest post from a person who wants to be known as Ghost Ryder. Continue reading →

Guest Post

troll  The following is a guest post from one of our regular Guest known as Laffter. Continue reading →

Guest Post From Mary Richards


-The Lady and the Moustache-

-Let’s do the Time warp again?-

-The more things change, the more they stay the same-

-some other catchy title I can’t think of- Continue reading →

Has The Pressure Become Too Much For Vance Phillips?

vance   So has the pressure of campaigning and his personal life finally caused Vance Phillips to crack up? Continue reading →

Who Is The Biggest Cry Baby In Sussex County? Not Don Ayotte

Bill Colley   If you were to read a transcript of the following recoding, you would declare it was some fifth grader who had lost the class elections. Continue reading →