Earth Day, a Humbug? From Resurrection to Recycling

The following is a repost of an article originally posted on “The Imaginative Conservative” by, Stephen Turley

easter-lily-300x199   “What’s wrong with Earth Day?” my student asks incredulously from the back of the classroom. “What issue could you possibly have with being good stewards of our environment?” “There’s simply no point to it,” I respond. “We have Easter.” My student furls her brow; “What on earth does Easter have to do with saving the environment?” Continue reading →

Matt Denn Makes His Move

Denn    Delaware’s Lt. Governor Matthew Denn has only further muddied the political waters for the election cycle of 2014 and also for 2016 here in Delaware.

Just last Thursday Delaware’s current Attorney General Beau Biden announced that he would not be seeking another term as the state’s AG in 2014, but he would be seeking the office of governor in 2016. Many political insiders have been questioning the reasoning behind such a move, most coming to the conclusion that it has a lot to do with Mr. Biden’s health concerning the recent removal of a “small lesion” from his brain last August. Continue reading →

Sam Chick Announcement

Chick Kickoff  Sam Chick, Republican candidate for state representative in the 31st District, held a campaign kick-off April 13th at Fraizer’s Restaurant in Dover that was attended by scores of community members and leaders.

Chick, an Iraq War veteran and small businessman, filed for the open House seat in March.
Addressing the crowd of supporters, he said, “I’m running because I believe in open, responsible government that works for ‘We the people.’”
Chick outlined four key areas of importance: Economic prosperity, education, liberty and justice, and responsible government.
“Looking at today’s government, we are all aware of areas of shortcomings,” he said. “We’re reminded daily through reports of corruption and mismanagement, education woes, violations of rights, unemployment and a weak economy, among other things. Instead of real solutions, we’re presented with unnecessary legislation and complicated regulations; party politics and handouts to special interests; irresponsible spending followed by tax increases and more debt; and a general lack of common sense.”
Chick emphasized that he will be an independent voice for the people of Dover.
“I pledge to protect your rights and represent you fairly,” he said. “I will fight for a justice system that operates fairly, treats all equally, and exists to secure liberty and order.”
Chick said he is optimistic about Delaware’s future.
“I see liberty and prosperity on our horizon. [...] When honest people come together freely to make their communities a better place to live, amazing things can be accomplished. It’s time our government reflected that idea. We deserve better, we can do better, and we will do better.”
To learn more the candidate, visit his website or find him on Facebook at

May All Have A Blessed Easter


Beau Says No


The current Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of current Vice President Joe Biden, announced on Thursday that he had no intention of running for re-election to the office of Attorney General in 2014.

He did however make it known that he would be seeking election as governor in 2016, this could make for some very interesting Democratic fireworks in 2016. That is unless two other prominent Democrats decide to step aside for Mr. Biden. You see both Lt. Governor Matt Denn, and U.S. Representative John Carney, have made it known they too are interested in the Delaware governor’s seat that will be left vacant when Governor Jack Markell finishes his second term. Continue reading →

This Is Who Will Protect Us From Tyranny?

Mack and Christopher   This is a photo of former  Graham County, Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack presenting the sheriff of the year award from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), to our very own Sussex County, Delaware Sheriff Jeff Christopher in 2012.

Mr. Mack recently made the news again for being an outspoken supporter of Cliven Bundy, the Arizona cattle rancher who has been in a stand-off with federal authorities over his refusal to pay grazing fees to allow his cattle to graze on federal lands.

It really isn’t very shocking that Mr. Mack would put himself in this position, since he has made his fame, in his view, fighting tyranny. Continue reading →