Guest Post From Anna Nym


The following is a guest post from Anna Nym, someone we hope will be submitting many more. Continue reading →

Two Hearts

anthem meme   So when I saw this meme on Facebook, so many thoughts ran through my head. Continue reading →

Chicken Bob

dodge bob One would expect a candidate running for a state office, like Representative, to have a bit thicker skin than does one Bob Mitchell. Continue reading →

The Circus Comes To Town, Or The Monthly Sussex GOP Meeting

clowns  I have witnessed many things at these monthly meetings, yet what I witnessed last night has to be the most fun I have ever had watching this group. Continue reading →

“You Are Wasting My Time”

James Demartino   As I wrote, just two days ago, this is James DeMartino, who wants to run against Delaware Speaker of the House, Pete Schwartzkopf, but can he? Continue reading →

Can The Republicans Get Anything Right?

James Demartino  This is James De Martino, he wants to run against Pete Schwartzkopf, but can he? Continue reading →