What Is Legal, Is Not Always Right

bob and me   Recently, Bob Mitchell was given a forum here at Delaware Right, to make his case for why voters in the 35th District should vote for him in the upcoming Republican primary, rather than incumbent Dave Wilson. Continue reading →

Is Bob Mitchell In The Wrong Party?

bob sign 1  So this is the sign which so-called candidate Bob Mitchell will be placing around the 35th District. Continue reading →

Top of the Page

Since the beginning of Delaware Right there has been an open invitation to anyone with an opinion, a concern, an axe to grind, even those who wish to give it a whirl in the world of Blogging in Delaware what we call, ‘The Top of the Page’, since there is always room there. Friends and Foes alike are told daily where there is always room.  Few have taken us up on the offer, so going into the 2016 Election, we again extend the offer, under the title “TOP OF THE PAGE”.

So, here we go.  We hope the conversation is civil and constructive and we at DelawareRight.com ,  Delaware Right on Facebook and @DelawareRight on Twitter, enjoy our Democracy at work. 


 Submitted Article by Bob Mitchell

The Difference Between What is Legal and What is Right

 $392,162 Reasons to Replace Dave Wilson

Ethics is knowing the difference between

what you have a right to do and

what IS right to do.”

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Open Thread

Delaware Right  Feel free to discuss the RNC or anything on your minds.

The Greenwood MOB Shows Its True Colors

Jordan Warfel  The following is an exchange on current Sussex County Register of Wills, Cindy Green’s Facebook page, between Ms. Green and the GOP Chair of the 35th Representative District, Jordan Warfel. Continue reading →

Oh No! Not Don Ayotte, Again?

NDA   Well it seems as though the race in the 20th Representative District wasn’t interesting enough. Continue reading →