Thanksgiving Open Thread

horn of plenty I know it’s Thanksgiving Day, and I don’t expect many to see this today, so I will leave it up for a day or two. Continue reading →

A House Built Upon Sand, Or The Post Trump GOP

house-upon-sand   I know, according to supporters of Donald Trump, I am not supposed to talk about him, because after all, he hasn’t even been sworn in yet. Continue reading →

The Election Is Over, Get Over It

cry-baby  Okay, to all of the so-called protesters out in the streets protesting the victory of Donald Trump, too bad, he won. Continue reading →

Another Gunn Loss/Lost

Gunn  So, it may not be a surprise that La Mar Gunn has lost another election campaign. Continue reading →

And Now We Pray

donald trump   Let me first declare, before someone else does, I was wrong. Continue reading →

Election 2016 Decisions

img_1278   Considering the choices out there, the options might seem like a choice between the gun, or poison. Continue reading →