Beau Says No


The current Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of current Vice President Joe Biden, announced on Thursday that he had no intention of running for re-election to the office of Attorney General in 2014.

He did however make it known that he would be seeking election as governor in 2016, this could make for some very interesting Democratic fireworks in 2016. That is unless two other prominent Democrats decide to step aside for Mr. Biden. You see both Lt. Governor Matt Denn, and U.S. Representative John Carney, have made it known they too are interested in the Delaware governor’s seat that will be left vacant when Governor Jack Markell finishes his second term. Continue reading →

This Is Who Will Protect Us From Tyranny?

Mack and Christopher   This is a photo of former  Graham County, Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack presenting the sheriff of the year award from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), to our very own Sussex County, Delaware Sheriff Jeff Christopher in 2012.

Mr. Mack recently made the news again for being an outspoken supporter of Cliven Bundy, the Arizona cattle rancher who has been in a stand-off with federal authorities over his refusal to pay grazing fees to allow his cattle to graze on federal lands.

It really isn’t very shocking that Mr. Mack would put himself in this position, since he has made his fame, in his view, fighting tyranny. Continue reading →

Throw Back Thursday

thJXYF2JIN  The following is a re-print of an article I wrote back on January 15, 2011, and posted on my old site Politically Frank,  the reason I am re-posting it here is to show that little has changed within the Sussex County GOP. As Demonstrated by recent events documented here at Delaware Right.

It also is to demonstrate my consistency on principles of openness and the rights of the people to know. You may not agree with my views, or my tactics, but I at least hope  you see that I am consistent in what I believe and what I say.

The War Of Their Choosing

There is an epic battle headed our way. It will pit former allies, one against the other. It may well have the potential to tear apart one of the oldest organizations in the nation. Continue reading →


ECDisappointed. This was the word that Chairman John Rieley of the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee used several times in addressing the issue of the leaked email concerning the viability of a Vance Phillips campaign for re-election.

The chairman was disappointed that the email had been leaked, disappointed that it had been published, by a sitting ED (that would be me), he expressed his disappointment in several matters, none of which seemed to include disappointment in his own behavior, or that of the Advisory Board’s.

The chairman was clearly upset that what he described as an internal memo, or communication, had been given out and them published and discussed on the radio.

But again, it seems, that he was not upset that the AB had taken it upon themselves to make a major policy decision for the entire Executive Committee, without first, let me repeat that, without first brining it to the EC for discussion and a vote.

Now anyone there will tell you that the Chairman directly challenged me on this issue by saying, “Frank if you knew the rules as well as you think you do, you would know that we were going to bring up the resolution this month”.

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Sussex County GOP Advisory Board Meeting

smoke filled room

“All in favor, say aye!”

Can Vance Phillips Run?

The following is an email exchange between Sussex County GOP Chairman John Rieley, and Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips (5th Councilmanic district).  First is an email from Chairman Rieley, and then the response of Mr. Phillips.

On Mar 30, 2014, at 4:56 PM, “John Rieley” <> wrote:

Vance,     I received your e-mail regarding party unity and feel I can no longer delay a task that I would prefer I didn’t have to do.  I was not able to attend the committee’s last Advisory Board meeting but the topic of your candidacy for the 5th council district came up and it was the unanimous vote of the RD chairs that they would request that you  reconsider your candidacy for the 5th Council seat and seriously consider not running.

   The position they took is that in light of the pending civil litigation you may be facing and at least the possibility of criminal charges being filed  by the Attorney General is that there will be a cloud of uncertainty about your legal status that will almost certainly be exploited by your opponent and possibly the press as well.  In the opinion of the Advisory Board, this situation has the strong potential to bring disrepute on the party if  we do not take an pro-active moral position and are seen as lending support to your candidacy.   I am sure that you perceived less than enthusiastic support as you have been reaching out to members of the committee and this is why.

   To underscore their opposition to your candidacy, they have requested that I attempt to meet with or at least communicate with all the elected officials in the county to request that they not support you or withdraw what ever support they have already given. I have not done this and would earnestly prefer not to have to.

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